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Financial Hacks for Early Stage Businesses - InfinumGrowth

Management is Logic

Financial Hacks for Early Stage Businesses

Early stage businesses often get caught in dilemmas while managing finance issues. What should be the priorities and corresponding actions to ensure the business stays on track?

Finance Hacks are the strategies and measures employed by businesses to create and protect value.

Finance Management is a ubiquitous part of business management- a common binder; a glue, that keeps different verticals of any business together. It is about money but not only about money. There’s more to it; a predictive side, a management side and a governance side.

Quite often, the absence of good quality finance management is felt much more than its presence! But pray that you don’t learn from the absence- it is wiser to learn from its presence!!!

Mani Padmanabhan, a multi sector finance and people leader, with experience in large corporates and as an advisor for startups, brings his long experience and understanding of finance management to define the key finance hacks relevant for early stage businesses. To know more about Mani, please see his profile shared at the end of this page.

Program Objective

This program on Finance Hacks covers the following aspects

  • Cash Management
  • Business Modelling
  • Pricing & Unit Economics
  • Accounting & Governance
  • Funding Strategies

The program has been designed to be crisp and yet covering all the key hacks relevant for any early stage business. It comes with interesting examples and an exercise for the participants to apply the concepts to their own businesses.

The program package includes a free live, interactive session with Mani Padmanabhan to clear doubts of the participants.


Finance is the common currency of all businesses and Cash the most liquid of this currency.” – Mani

Learning Video Content

(1 Module(s) |2 Session(s) | 15 minute(s) )
  • Financial Hacks
    • Lecture1.1
    • Lecture1.2

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About the trainer

Founder, Knowledge Wizards

Rakesh Kumar Singh is an extremely successful coach and trainer. His warm, empathetic nature accompanied with a deep understanding of human behaviour has helped him to excel in coaching assignments. His passionate training style and application of knowledge to sessions makes each session an unforgettable event. He has an experience of 20+ years in multiple industries at senior and leadership…

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Program features


  • The Price given above includes GST
  • This package includes a 45 minute follow up live session as explained below.

How to Enroll:

  • First time visitors, please click on the Enroll Now button above. As a New User, please create your Log in ID and Password. Next, Log In and proceed to Enroll for the program.
  • If you are an Existing User, click on the Enroll Now button. Key in your Login ID or Email and the Password. Then proceed to Enroll.


This program  will take a total of 25 minutes  to complete, including the time taken to do the introspective exercise


This segment of the program comprises of 2 sessions of learning videos which are accompanied by a single exercise to be completed by the participant.


  • The exercise are available in the session page, below the video . Please download each exercise and work on it as and when directed by the Facilitator  in the session.
  • Please give enough time to do each exercise, so that there is sufficient introspection done.

Live, Online, Follow up Session for clarifications

  • This program comes with the added benefit of a 1 hour live group session conducted online by Mani Padmanabhan.


  • On completion of  the 2 video sessions and the exercise, please do submit your feedback; including, any particular aspect you would like to know more about in the live, interactive session.